Thursday, February 17, 2011

Oh what a night

As you all know, my daughter rceived a full scholarship worth R300000 over the next 3 years with an option to study further to do her Masters and Honours towards being a CA.  We took the guy who made it all possible to supper last night at the Cape Sun hotel and had a glorious 20 course meal.  Okay it was a buffet, give me some poetic licence here. The evening was amazing and we feel truly blessed to have this awesome gift from God.

We got home home around 21h30 and was about to go to bed at about 11pm when Debs got a call from work requesting her presence there as the manager on duty did not pitch up. The clown has a drinking problem so Debs and I left the boys sleeping and drove into town (about 15 monutes on a clear day).  I watched Arsenal come from behind and beat barcelona, whilst my wife slaved away doing work things.  We eventually got home at about 12h45 that morning. The wind howled so badly last night that I think that I only had 2 hours sleep before having to get up again. So as I sit here, I am MOEG (tired, sorry afrikaans expresses it so well).

Gosh the wind was so bad in town that I wondered whether the U2 structure for the concert tomorrow night was still going to be standing this morning. My car would not go faster than 80km per hour into a headwind.

I'm still on leave and I think that I will go see another movie today. What to see.  The Tourist sounds good or maybe......

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