Thursday, February 17, 2011

Oh what a night

As you all know, my daughter rceived a full scholarship worth R300000 over the next 3 years with an option to study further to do her Masters and Honours towards being a CA.  We took the guy who made it all possible to supper last night at the Cape Sun hotel and had a glorious 20 course meal.  Okay it was a buffet, give me some poetic licence here. The evening was amazing and we feel truly blessed to have this awesome gift from God.

We got home home around 21h30 and was about to go to bed at about 11pm when Debs got a call from work requesting her presence there as the manager on duty did not pitch up. The clown has a drinking problem so Debs and I left the boys sleeping and drove into town (about 15 monutes on a clear day).  I watched Arsenal come from behind and beat barcelona, whilst my wife slaved away doing work things.  We eventually got home at about 12h45 that morning. The wind howled so badly last night that I think that I only had 2 hours sleep before having to get up again. So as I sit here, I am MOEG (tired, sorry afrikaans expresses it so well).

Gosh the wind was so bad in town that I wondered whether the U2 structure for the concert tomorrow night was still going to be standing this morning. My car would not go faster than 80km per hour into a headwind.

I'm still on leave and I think that I will go see another movie today. What to see.  The Tourist sounds good or maybe......

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Birthday blues

My daughter Ashleigh turned 18 this past weekend and it was just one long party. Breakfast at Commonground with her bestie Shriya then later drinks at La Med, onto Stones and eventually collected the birthday girl at around 2am on Saturday morning.I would much rather fetch and carry my kids so that I know where they are. Whle I am still able to, its important for me to know where they are and who they are with. Ashleigh is very responsible and has never had a drink before, however on Friday evening had 3 different cocktails and had that glazed donut look in her eyes whilst we were still at La Med. She never had anything else to drink after that, THANK YOU LORD. Driving home that evening or morning she mentioned the magic words. CLUBBING IS NO FOR ME. Music to my ears.  The fact that drinking is also expensive also accounts for much of the decision. I pesonally would like to believe that she went out purely because as an 18 year old she is now allowed to do that, its not her though and does not suit her character.

The rest of the weekend was one party after the other, between her, Jesse and Debbie I had covered over 300km woth of driving on Saturday alone. Dads taxi was well and truly operating.

I am on leave, YES please

I have so been enjoying being on leave. On day one I went and sat in the movies,with just my car keys as company. On top of that I went to watch a chick flick. I don't know whats wrong with me, but I cry in movies now thank heavens its dark in the movies.  I went to watch the movie LOVE & OTHER DRUGS with the gorgeous drop dead Anne hathaway and Jake Gylenhal. The movie was very touching and despite a few naked butts here and there the story line eventually came about and was insanely powerful. We take so much for granted as human beings.  A slight headache and we want to lie down and cut ourselves off from the rest of the world. Go see it with an open mind and take some tissues and calming pills because men can be real moegoes.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Time to relax

Today is dy ! of two weeks of rest and relaxation. I ask myself what do I want to do today, the answer, NOTHING!!! How cool is that. I can't take my mind off work though as there ws so much unfinished business to attend to. Well I have to let go and trust the rest of the guys to get on with the job and make money.

I have had to take some leave because truly I have become forgetful and often find myself staring into space even when I am driving. Maybe that was why I had the accident. The maid however comes today so I am forced out of my hole. Maybe I will just relax and go see a movie. Yeah, good idea.

Chat later.