Monday, July 23, 2012

The Annoyance factor

Every now and then I get reqally annoyed with my 'Friends" on Facebook.  I have seem to have accumulated three hundred and plenty friends, many of whom I know and a lot that I have not have words with for over 2 years, why do I keep these people around.  So let the culling begin.

I digress a bit and will do my best to stay on track.  My annoyance with my Facebook people are the ones that just literally share photo's and other peoples writings and not their own.  A funny photo here and there is okay, but come on already.The last one that really got to me was the tip of the iceberg.  Person A finds an e-mail or FB post of somebody who is pissed off at the government and has plenty stories to tell of murder and mayhem in our land, about how bad the situation is and about the death and destruction that goes with it.  We are all doomed and totally just waiting to die.  Our lives are numbered and a friend of a friends mothers best friend was hurt in a houserobbing.  So we copy and paste a story not knowing whether the story is true or not.  Thereafter a ton of comments come flying in about how we are all waiting to die and how terrible it must have been for this persons friends, friends mothers friend who lost her front teeth.  Every one is miserable and the gloom surrounding the post and comments completely increases to stealth like proportions because all the commentees also know of friends friends mothers friends.

The sad part is that at the end of the day commentor and the commentees all go to bed miserable and unhappy with the world.  The commentor however feels a vague sense of satisfaction that he or she got 147 comments on the 'post which he stole from someone else' and feels a sense of accomplishment that we are all now miserable.  Let me just say that I understand that we live in a country beset with major problems, with crime statistics dominating our headlines causing us to stay behind locked doors.  There is no excuse for what is happening in SA and my frustration too leads to boiling point.  It is very difficult some days to fully get your head around why our government does nothing or attempts to do something which comes to nothing while lining their pockets.

My wish for fellow FBers is to tell their own stories about how they feel about their personal situations whether happy or sad.  Whenever you have friends over for a braai or barbecue, don't talk about the negative situations.  Talk about positive things that have happened to you pesonally. Make a difference to the people around you and when you post on FB, just share your own stories.  The days of hunting down the bad guys has to end.  The bad guys are shooting themselves in the foot on their own and all we do is stir the pot.  I say rather get involced in something yourself to improve your own situation or help somebody who needs assistance.

I heard an awesome talk by a chap called Craig Stewart who spoke at Commonground yesterday.  What an awesome speaker who really challenged me.  You can download his talk on and look under resources.  A truly amazing talk which is guaranteed to stir you.

Lets go Make A Difference.

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