I find myself faced with the whole issue of my daughter's insistance to get her learners drivers licence. It sure is a dilema for me personally because the realisation that my child is now an adult in training is quite a scary and challenging feat to say the least.  I feel OLD!!!!!!  Sitting outside the traffic department this morning and pondering the idea of buying a car for her suddenly had me gasping for breath.  At the best of times we have a hand to muioth existence and survive from month to month. But in order to advance my daughter, I need find her transport. You see, she goes to university next year and I sure as hell will not be driving her to the University of Cape Town (UCT) every day.

So I wait..............for her to come out and find out that she has passed.  The main issue now is to find a smaller car to learn on as my wife has a largish car and I have a tank called a Camry.

She has passed and I strangely find myself excited after being fearful. Someone else to go to the shop to buy the odd item of grocery, someone else to drop my son off at youth, someone else to collect brothers from friends houses. My life is about to change, somedays it will be for good and others for bad.

But I am happy that for the moment we have overcome hurdle number one.



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